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A Foot in the Door for Dermatophyte Research

My review article is now available on-line at the PLoS Pathogens website:

A Foot in the Door for Dermatophyte Research

This was a really fun article to write because the PLoS Pearls format encourages scientists to write about big questions in their field, but to target the articles to a non-specialized audience. It’s great to have a chance to step back from specific research details and think about things like “why do so many people get athlete’s foot more than once”? I like knowing that people who are experiencing a dermatophyte infection, or who just have a general interest in pathogenic fungi (and who doesn’t!?), will be able to read and understand my article.

My co-author, Dr. Ted White, was my post-doctoral research mentor while I was at Seattle BioMed. I’m really glad we’re still collaborating!